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Rare Benedictine
Random things about me that nobody really cares about:

  • I am neither a monk nor a Benedictine nor a rarity, at that. I just happened to get my name from the title of a book in the Brother Cadfael series. I like all-things-monk-related, especially medieval. I am what they call a "cradle" Catholic and a writer of short stories which I'll never get published. (I'm not being pessimistic. I just don't want them published.)
  • I'm something of a medievalist.
  • I am that I am fifteen years old, but my menality makes me seem at least four times that age. I'm just not very interested in "teenage things" and modern musical culture.
  • I am a junior in high school. I'm currently studying (on the side) the Rule of Saint Benedict and other spiritual writings because I hope to become a nun when I finish college.
  • I am proud of my heritage as a Puerto Rican/Dominican American, even if I can't speak Spanish.
  • I do speak a bit of German (having studied it since 8th grade) and am quite fond of Latin.
  • I am obsessed with many things: Les Mis, Great Britain, Germany, Latin, medieval things, the American Civil War, &c.
  • When it comes to food, I eat anything.
  • Unfortunately, I am easily distracted and a procrastinator. Not a very good mix. ><
  • I play soccer, Sid Meier's Civil War Collection, Sid Meier's Civilizations III, The Sims 2, Kingdom Hearts (I and II), Age of Empires III, Red Dead Revolver, and solitaire.
  • I really like the South. I'm not entirely sure why. I'm just drawn to it, and I often wish I was born down there.
  • One of my guilty pleasures is following major league baseball, particularly the New York Yankees. (Ssshh. Don't tell.)
  • Though I am a Catholic, I like studying other religions and hate proselytizing.
  • I support gay rights (being a member of the GLBT community myself). :D
  • I don't like arguments, writer's block, television, reality shows, supermarket tabloids, close-minded people, and being idle for too long.
  • When I speak, I use lots of hand gestures.
  • For some reason, I like making things overly complicated for myself -- taking the long way to a place instead of the shortcut, writing up really long, pointless, meticulously-created lists of things, and waiting patiently for the light to change before I cross the street, even if no cars are coming by.
  • I won't say I'm off my rock or weird or strange or anything like that when everyone is in their own way. :P

  • To all Civil War buffs! Check out tentingtonight, the comic/novel thing I work on with justwallpaper. It'll be awesome. :D

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